V Movie News: Courtney B Vance, PJ Byrne, Arlen Escarpeta Chat ‘Final Destination 5′ [Spoiler Alerts]

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VIBE got to screen Final Destination 5 last week, as well as chat with some of the talent from the movie. The three people who stood out to us the most were Courtney B. Vance, P.J. Byrne and Arlen Escarpeta. Their energy was surprisingly infectious. It was hard to believe that they were there talking about a horror movie, but they helped us put things into perspective for you. Here’s a list of cool facts about the movie with some help from their perspectives. Do not read any further if you don’t like spoilers:

-Final Destination 5 is directed by Steven Quale, who is making his directorial debut. Quale is known for his visual work with James Cameron on movies like Avatar, Terminator and more.

-This isn’t your average 3D film. Don’t expect the objects to fly at you. Visually, it looks more like you’re watching the action by peeking through a window.

-Pay attention to subtle details about how people are dressed and what the technology, or lack thereof looks like. It will make sense at the end because the film is dated for a reason.

-Unlike the previous movies, most of the deaths in this one don’t go the way you would think.

-Despite the morbid subject matter, there is some humor.

Courntey B Vance On Deviating From His Usual Movie Roles

“Horror films scare me. I’m a little scardy cat. But I was very excited and a big fan of Avatar and James Cameron and when I found out that Steven Quale was a part of it, it was something I wanted to be a part of. I said whatever I can do, I’m in.”

Arlen Escarpeta Is The Last To Die, Which Debunks The Black Guy Dies First Myth

“When I found out where the story was gonna go, I lost myself in everything that was going on and then they were like, you’re the last to die and I was excited! It’s such a stigma for movies that the Black guy always dies first so I feel like, can I call myself the Obama of horror movie films?

P.J. Byrne On Doing The Film Despite The Last One Getting Panned By Critics

“We all knew when we sat down with everyone that we’re going to get a great writer, a great director–James Cameron’s guy! We’re gonna get a dream team of great actors–I don’t know why they put me in this–so we knew we were really gonna raise the bar. They put a lot of money behind it and so we were gonna go for it, balls to the wall, if you will. And I also wanted to do this because I’m not that good looking, so this might be my best shot at an action movie, so I said if I could die in 3d then I want to be in that movie! But it was an incredible experience to be a part of all that.”

It’s in theaters now!