Vera Wang To Leave NYC’s Garment District

After a two-year search for a natural lit space big enough to house all of her divisions (from bridal to bedding), renowned fashion designer Vera Wang is finally ready to pack up and leave the Garment District, although she still will conduct business there.

Wang’s new 40,000 square foot office, located on East 26th in New York City (walking distance away from the Garment District), is two floors and overlooks Madison Square Park–quite a change from her current 25,000 square foot, cramped, five floor office that requires staff to take an elevator everyday.

“I was just looking for space that would accommodate our growing design, management and sales areas,” said Wang. “What appealed to me about the office area was not only the additional square footage but the view as well. Having a nice view and an outdoors feeling is going to be a bonus. It is also a very private and intimate building which feels very appropriate for us.”

As Wang prepares for the move, expected to be completed by October 2011, she also plans on moving her Madison Avenue bridal fittings closer to her new headquarters.

The designer is also currently working on Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress.