VIBE & Ethnicity Model Presents: Model Ink Photoshoot


VIBE hosted a model search for the finest models out of Miami and Atlanta. Shoot by the famed celebrity photographer Derek Blanks, the male and female Ethnicity Models were transformed into pieces of lyrical artwork. With lines from famous songs by Beyoncé, Drake, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Usher scribed by tattoo artist Melvin Todd all over the models’ faces and necks, the concept was an outrageously unique mixture of glamourous, high fashion and solid pop culture music.

VIBE Vixen, of course, spotted some cute threads and trends in the mix. Our faves? Miss Zhai Aleyah’s purple one-shoulder ruffle dress, Miss Nefertiti Yates’ gold minx nails, Miss Antonia Blaine’s plunging sheer v-cut dress and the tie-and-vest combos by Mr. Janos Gyorke and Mr. Tyrell Ware. (Nothing like a man who cleans up nicely!)

Peep the magic unfold in front of the lens by clicking through the gallery!