VIBE Vixen Wishes Keke Palmer A Happy 18th Birthday!


We’ve watched actress Keke Palmer blossom into an exceptional young woman and talented starlet. An all-around businesswoman, she is one of Hollywood’s cocoa darlings and is celebrating her 18th birthday today, finally making her major not-so minor!

In honor of her big day, we dug through the Vixen crates and found an endearing convo with Roscoe Dash about his first time meeting the newly legal lady!

He says:

I met her at Mr. Chow. And it was cool because she does something completely different than what I do. She was the most energetic about my performance. Like she was the most into it. She knew all the words, she was dancing right there—it was crazy. That stood out to me. Like that actually made me like her, I ain’t gonna lie.

Did you speak to her? Did you go up to her and tell her that you peeped her in the crowd?
Like it was really in and out.  But I ran into her this year too. It was crazy that she just happened to be sitting behind me this year at the [2011] BET Awards.
It was funny because we were both just like commenting on the awards and talking more than we were watching the awards this year.

Oh ok cool. So no love sparks over there?
Nah. I ain’t gonna lie, I was actually on my tippy toes with her because she was there with somebody but I didn’t know if it was her date or not. But if it wasn’t, please believe it.
[Laughs] So you didn’t try to bag her at all?
Nah, because I think that women like it better when it somebody that they like, and they don’t go after them immediately when they see them. I learned that works better than being really persistent and on top of somebody about something.
Were you nervous at all talking to her this year or seeing her last year? Were there butterflies? [Laughs]
Last year when I was performing, the whole time it was going on I was thinking like, ‘Damn, how she know all the words to the songs?!’ That’s what I was thinking in my head the whole time. I been talking about that since last year. And for this year, to be like, ‘Oh I hope I run into her, I hope I run into her,’ and I turn around and she’s right there, that’s crazy.
Anything in particular that you guys talked about? I mean you talked about the awards but was there anything that stood out?
She’s got a lot of energy. She’s really animated, and she’s a real joyful spirit. I can hang out with her, and kick it with her, and be cool. I can do that. There’s a lot of people I can’t do that with because they’re just like so ‘blah.’ But she’s like ‘I wanna do this, I wanna do that. I wanna go here, I wanna go there.’ Just really adventurous and joyful.
Does the birthday girl have a new suitor? We’re not stirring up any gossip, but we are hoping that Keke has a great birthday!