VIBE’s Kelly Rowland Aug/Sept Cover Story (Pg. 3)


But do you talk to him?
It’s… I respect him above anything.

Hmmm… So things are cool?
Like I said, this man made me a millionaire at the age of 18. Taught us how to make money in the industry. I can never, ever forget that.

Let’s talk about love. How many times have you been in love in your life?

Just once.

Okay, then, I’m going to assume this was the guy you were going to marry?
Oh. In that case, twice. [Laughs] Yeah. Twice.

Are you dating now?
Well… I really don’t feel like I have the time for that right now.

What do you mean?
You don’t have time to go on a date?

That makes no sense.
I don’t. Not right now

Do you have time for a Mr. Right Now? Or do you need to wait for a Mr. Right?
I like a Mr. Right. I don’t want them hopping around with Sarah, Michelle, Jessica… I want him to be mine.

Wait. So you’ve never had a situation with a Mr. Right Now?
Um… [giggles]. Okay, yeah, I did have a situation like that. In London. And it was cool. But generally, that’s not how I get down.

I have seen pictures of you with people outside of your race.

So you’re down with the swirl?
Absolutely. [Laughs] I’ve been down with the swirl.

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