VIXEN Boombox: Alternative R&B Playlist


There is a new sound in R&B world that is brewing. It is a sound that is something unique and different. You might hear a song that’s sung in a way you have never thought. Welcome to the evolution of Alternative R&B. This list is dedicated to those people who want to sample something different… -Courtney Barret/Adeniyi Omisore

Frank Ocean- Novacane
Frank Ocean is an up-and-coming artist from New Orleans that has been making his way to your radio airwaves. He has released a well-anticipated mixtape call nostalgia, ULTRA. On nostalgia you can find his radio hit “Novacane” on there.

The Weeknd  – Morning
If you like Miguel or Trey Songz you may want to check out The Weeknd. He is an artist that makes music for any kind of mood.

Jesse Boykins III- Pantyhose
Jesse Boykins has a timeless voice that can make any song sound great. He has a distinct style where if you heat him you will know it is him. He is creating an amazing buzz within the R&B community.

Peter Hadar – Glow
New Jersey music rebel Peter Hadar is breaking the sonic rules of R&B by incorporating electronic, soul, funk and Hip Hop for an original blend. The self described “cool weirdo” is not afraid to step outside the boundary to produce melodic records like “Glow” or “Dancin.”

Nikkiya  – Nobody But Me
Rising ATL singer and MC, Nikkiya, has develop a spunky style that collides to sides of a spectrum with blaring bass lines sounds and a minimal approach. Her lyrics heartfelt lyrics “grit my teeth and I bear/all this bullshit cause I care about us” over pulsating electro-syth beats are a perfect balance.