VIXEN Boombox: Angel Haze Opens Up About Sexuality & Androgynous Style


Angel Haze is anything but your ordinary girl. With an androgynous fashion sense and broad lyrical talent, this Detroit-born Native American beauty has a shock appeal interesting enough to challenge a world where the Nicki Minaj’s and Odd-Future’s are on a steep incline. Regarding her late start in hip-hop as a non-hindering factor, this 20 year-old, delivers fire on any record, whether personal or borrowed and leaves third-degree burns. Equipped with the confidence and drive to reach her goal as the most sought out rapper in 2012, Raee’n Wahya has the personality, creativity, intelligence and fan base to match. To put it simply, with Angel Haze, success is the only option. Check out VIBE Vixen’s conversation with this budding talent below as she discusses life, sexuality, fashion, and musical goals.

Give me a brief history of your beginnings and your background?
I wouldn’t call it a beginning; it was late start. When I was younger, I wasn’t allowed to listen to music. As I got older, my mom became less strict. [When I] escaped the church we were into while I was growing up, I gained more freedom. From there I just went with what I knew; I didn’t try to research or go back. I had a best friend who knew I was into poetry and said, ‘Yo, you should really turn your poetry into raps. You’d be really, really dope.’ I went on to write regular raps, and it was something I can’t let go of now.

Are there any artists who influence you?
Back then, it was Nicki Minaj. She was the only female rapper besides Missy Elliot that I knew. I always wanted to be like Missy Elliot, especially as far as longevity goes. But Nicki Minaj, she is the right amount of feisty, and [she is] intriguing enough to make someone want to do what she did and be better at it. I loved Drake too. I was on Drake and Nicki Minaj when they were nobodies. Drake was the kid from Degrassi and Nicki Minaj was the girl from the “Come Up” video.

Would you ever like to join Young Money someday if you had the chance?
No. Hell no. There’s only room for one there. You have to reign in a place that’s completely designed for you. You can’t come second to someone when you have a talent like that. I’ll collaborate with those n*ggas, not join them.

What was behind the whole Twilight theme with your New Moon mixtape?
It was the Native American New Years when I released it, and it was symbolizing all things new–new time, new place, new people, new everything. So, I just wanted to incorporate that, and I was new as well.

Do you have a name for the album yet?
I don’t know. At first, I just told someone to pick a name, but as I progressed and recorded more, the tasks became more strenuous with song choices and track listing. It kind of feels like a baby, and you want to name it yourself. So I don’t have an idea of what to name it.

Where would like to see yourself in the future from a couple of months to a year?
I want to be the hottest rapper. You know how you have those rappers that are on the come-up completely and everyone wants them on your song and everyone wants them to be featured there? I want to be that in 2012. That’s my goal, I want to be the hottest rapper, if unsigned or not, I want to be that and I don’t look at the female thing as a setback. I want to be the hottest one. I want to do a song with Nicki Minaj. It’ll be like a fencing match or something.

How are you trying to stand out from the other female rappers in the game?
We’re in two different lanes. She’s fun and she’s pop-y and I’m raw, unleashed and hard all the time. I can do that thing and be diverse, but that’s her thing.

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