VIXEN Boombox: Angel Haze Opens Up About Sexuality & Androgynous Style


Now, I know you’re bi-sexual; do you have any crushes right now? I know you said Tupac and Andrea Gibbs before. Any other crushes?
Cassie and Chris Brown, I’m seriously in love with Chris Brown and in love with Cassie. It’s so weird because they would look so cute together. Jason Mraz, he’s my lifelong love. I want to marry him, seriously.

Does you sexuality intertwine with your music, or do you keep them separate?
I keep those separate because my music isn’t about my sexuality. My music is about everything but that. There was this one song, the Make It Rain song where it’s semi-gay because I possibly could have talked about male strippers, they suck. As far as my sexuality, goes it’s not who I am. I don’t understand why it matters and why I would try to incorporate that because it’s lame. People shouldn’t try to separate themselves, they should be who they are and not what you are and what defines them. I think that’s lame.

You have a very eclectic style. If you could give your style a name, what would you call it?
Androgynous. Very. I call it androgynous because I don’t like to distinguish between man and female traits. I like it to all come together and look like “What the F*ck.” It’s my own thing, it’s something everyone around me has grown accustomed to.

Are there any fashion designers who inspire you?
Kanye is now considered a designer since he’s coming out with his own line. He’s major to me, especially in the fashion world. Pharrell Williams and basically anything is inspiring, it’s all coming from one place.

Have you heard of the merger between Rocawear and Billionaire Boys Club?
Yeah. I don’t know how I feel about that. It has to be something hot because Rocawear and Billionare Boys Club doesn’t seem like they go together.

For those who are now figuring out who Angel Haze is and are not quite a fan yet, why should they continue to listen as well as others who haven’t heard you yet? Why should they listen?

I see it this way, everyone begs for something new in hip-hop. You turn on the radio, you hear the same old sh*t all the time, I want something new. You don’t have to discover an artist as a person to like what they do and with me, it only gets better. I’ll show you who I am and if you don’t like that at least, you can respect my craft. I feel like I can only grow from here and if you want to hear real music, if you want to hear someone who’s actually lyrical, the things you guys have been asking for, then you should listen.

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