VIXEN Boombox: Cool Essence Playlist

Have you ever just felt like lounging around your place for the day and doing absolutely nothing? Just kicking your feet up and sipping on some wine while listening to some great relaxing, feel good music.  You know that feeling when you just want to turn your phone off and escape for moment. Well this playlist is for the people that just want relax, unwind, and cool off … -Adeniyi Omisore

Amel Larrieux- For Real
Let Amel take you on a destination to clear blue waters and ocean waves that will take you to a soothing and peaceful place. Just close your eyes or think about being on a private island where it is just you and good old Mother Nature.

Sade- Cherish the Day
This is definitely in the Best of collection by Sade.  This video captures Sade moving to the sounds of her acoustics. Just feeling free as the wind just moves through her.  One thing is for certain is this song is timeless and can be interpreted in many ways.

Maxwell- Sumthin, Sumthin
Now this is one song that will definitely get you into the mood to just do a “little sumthin, sumthin.” So if it’s cool, let Maxwell rock with you while he slips you his mellow smooth.

Babyface- For The Cool In You
“Here we go round and round and round 
and back and forth you know. Everybody goes through it sometime
s and that’s just the way it flows.” These lyrics were sung best by Babyface with his smooth sultry voice. Even Laura and Stephan from Family Matters had to groove to this one.