VIXEN Boombox: Dear Summer Playlist


Summer is getting ready to wind down and its goodbye sunshine and hello jackets. In case you are not ready for the fall to come in here is some songs that will keep you in the mood. Here is a playlist for that dear ol’ summer. This week’s playlist is an ode to the end of summer… -Courtney Barrett

Adele- Rolling In The Deep
This song had everyone “rolling in the deep” this summer. Adele made a summer hit with this song reaching number 1 on the Billboard Board Hot 100. Come on and sing it loud “We could of have had it all rolling in the deep. You took my hear inside your hand and you played it to the beat.”

India Arie- Summer
No one else can sing the summer blues like Ms. Arie. In this song she is asking where did summer go? And she will be waiting for it to return.  So, goodbye summer we hate to see you go…

Michael Jackson- Rock With You
“Rock with You” is a classic that will never get old. When you hear this song make sure you think about all the summer block parties you have attend, the BBQ’s, and family gathering you have experience. Summer is not over quite yet so just enjoy that last summer night and do little MJ move.

Beyonce – Countdown
O it is killing me softly how summer is slowly coming to end. Just before summer exit blast this song one good time in your car, in your house, at the beach, or wherever you are. Let’s start this countdown 10,9,8,7,6,5,4……..

Miguel- Sure Thing
It is a sure thing that summer will be coming back sooner than you know it.  Miguel had made a song for everyone to enjoy this summer. This song was the second single of his debut album “All I Want is You.”  Even when the sun don’t shine just know that it is a sure thing it will back.