Vixen Exclusive: “Bad Girl” Judi Jai Brings Voodoo To New Orleans House, Wants To Start Lip Gloss Line


Season seven of Oxygen’s hit series The Bad Girls Club has proved no different, with a cast as vibrant and alive as the city of New Orleans that they live in.

Judi Jai a.k.a. “Voodoo Vixen” has definitely brought the laughs and the crazy to this season and is unapologetic for it. VIBE Vixen got a chance to speak with the 22-year-old from Olympia Fields, IL as she details what sets her apart from her cast mates, what she learned from the house and how the blogs don’t phase her. -Camille Travis
Have you always been a bad girl?
Definitely! I’ve always been a bad girl because I always did things my way. Because I’m the only child everything is usually my way.

Tell us one of your best stories!
To be honest, doing The Bad Girls Club was [the best story] because it was shot in New Orleans, and Creole, that’s my culture! A lot of my family live in New Orleans, so I got to learn so much about myself and where I came from.

What makes you a “bad girl” and different from all other bad girls from previous seasons?
Simply because I play by my rules, and I’m able to be myself. I wasn’t the girl trying to run the house; I was there to have fun, drink and be on TV.


What was your biggest challenge in the house?
Probably being able to stand my ground and being able to deal with so many personalities in the house because all those b—–s were crazy!
Did you learn anything from the experience about life or yourself?
I learned that being a “bad girl” doesn’t mean you have to be the toughest b—- out there fighting everybody. But if you got your s— together and can’t nobody tell you [anything]. You’re a bad girl in your own right.
Talk about the gossip on the blogs? The good, the bad and the ugly!
The blogs are just that. I can say I have more supporters and fans than I do haters. The blogs love to make up so many rumors. I’ve never been any rapper’s jumpoff; I just know a lot of celebrities. If they weren’t talking about me, I would be like, “WTF?” But quite a few celebs have reached out to me to show support including a lot of my “Bad Girls” sisters like Natalie Nunn, Erica, Flo and others.
What are your future ventures with your newfound fame?
There are a lot of business ventures I’m going to be taking. People might not know that I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago for broadcast journalism, so I want to have my own radio or TV show. I also want to start my own line of lip gloss and definitely tap into movies and sitcoms!


You can catch Judi and the rest of the Bad Girls every Monday night on Oxygen, 9/8c!