Vixen of the Day: Alisha Chand


Name: Alisha Chand
Age: 27
Location: Vancouver, BC
Occupation: Event Planner — Fancy That Event Styling
Style: Classic Feminine
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Minx Nails
Inspired By: Beyonce, Halle Berry & T-Boz

A Vixen is…
Fearless, strong and intelligent are the characteristics of being a Vixen. Clothes, hair or makeup do not make a woman a Vixen. Her integrity is what makes her a Vixen.

Vixen Business Tip: Make sure you love what you do. A business won’t ever be successful if it’s something you don’t love.

Gadget Check: 
I can’t live without my Blackberry. I can be in communication literally 24-7. Sometimes, it might not be a good thing (I should probably put it down from time to time). But my whole life is on that thing!