VIXEN Vault: Va$htie Speaks On Four Things Every Girl’s Gotta Have!


In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It, VIBE Vixen dug through some recent Vixen crates to find a few words of wisdom from our favorite sweetheart, Va$htie Kola! This director-slash-photographer-slash-fashion designer has been dabbling in the arts since her childhood in Albany, NY and has become a role model for young females striving for the perfect girly and tomboy chic balance. Below is a portion from a past interview, where Miss Downtown speaks on exactly what every Vixen has got to have!

1. You should have a great, black cocktail dress— something that’s really classic that you can wear in 10 years with anything. You can pair it up with chunky, gun-metal necklaces or you can wear pearls. Something that can work around the trends.

2. I think a really well-made pair of denim jeans. I wouldn’t say too much of a distress because those aren’t really classic or timeless, but just a really sturdy pair. I know that sometimes denim is really expensive, but i think that if the cut and the quality of the denim is great, it’s a must-have.

3. I would also say a really good handbag. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that will get you through the day. Something that’s really attractive and easy and not too clunky is necessary.


4. Invest in one signature jewelry piece. Spend the money on something whether it’s a necklace, a pair of earrings, a cuff or a cocktail ring. Spend a little extra money of at least having one signature piece. something that you feel like you could pass down to your future daughter or gay son [laughs]. Because I think that in our age everything is cheap and accessible which I absolutely love, but I realize that the jewelry that my mother had that she passed onto me, or my grandmother, those are things that have lasted the test of time.


Chime in and tell us other things that every girl’s gotta have!