Vogue Italia Wants You To Buy ‘Slave Earrings’


From Clutch Magazine–So apparently ‘Slave Earrings’ are en vogue these days.

It seems like advertisers just can’t get it right. From Summer’s Eve misguided “All Hail the V” campaign, to McDonald’s hip-hop inspired commercials, when some companies target minorities they end up drowning in stereotypes. Now…we can add Vogue to the list of brands who missed the effin’ point.

The venerable magazine is no stranger to controversy. French Vogue famously styled White models in blackface, and its American counterpart likened LeBron James to King Kong.The ‘Fashion Bible’ isn’t adverse to pushing limits, but Vogue Italia, known for it’s “Black Issue” and continuous use of Black models from around the world, has been a welcomed reprieve from the white-washed fashion industry…until now.

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