Waka Flocka Flame Interviews Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator

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Here’s something you don’t see everyday — let alone, expect. Interview magazine took a “crunktastical” approach to their interview with Tyler The Creator, by adding Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame to the mix, allowing him to take lead. He may strike certain people as a slow one  but Waka Flocka actually pulled out his thinking cap for this conversation. He truly scratched the brain of the emotional Tyler, who gave us answers that we all want to know.

But before the interview could even start , Tyler made sure he praised Waka for his own music making abilities saying “Keep It Real” his favorite song by the crunk rapper. “That’s, like, in my top 10 songs ever. That’s my shit.” Then, Waka opened up the first question, which spawned a mini-weirdo conversation between the two: “So firstly, what do y’all think is so odd about the future?” 

“I think we’re all gonna die pretty soon, and the animals are gonna take over—like ostriches and shit, Tyler replied. “I think they’re gonna take over the world and we’re gonna be their slaves.” Waka added “Me and my partners was havin’ a smoke and we thought that maybe monkeys could take over.” Tyler bounced back with, “Monkeys are smart as fuck.” End of weirdo conversation.

Then, it was time to get into some more analyzing questions, as Waka asked Tyler if his clan was considered “hip-hop heavy-metal” or “punk-rock rap.” 

“I don’t like either description. I don’t like being put in a box. I just make music, you know? When you’re put in a box, people have a set mind-state of what your music could sound like before they even look into it,” replied Tyler. “Like, if no one ever heard of me, but I’m hip-hop-metal-rock, then they’re already gonna have an expectation of what the music will sound like. Then, when they go in and finally listen to it, it might be different from what they thought, and they could automatically hate it because they already had expectations.”

Read the rest of the interview, where Tyler touched up on the fact that people consider his lyrics negative, the meaning behind the “Yonkers” video, his anger fueled lyrics and more. – Shabazz