Watching The Throne: Dwayne Wade, Talib Kweli, Ocho Cinco, Aziz Ansari Tweet About Jay and Kanye’s New Album

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Don’t think you’re the only ones watching the throne. Celebs from all over took to Twitter to express their excitement… and other thoughts about Kanye and Jay’s first collabo album. Look what they said:


@9thWonderMusic - #WTT as a whole is not for me. I can rock with New Day & The Joy.

@azizansari – If you aren’t a fan of tweets quoting Watch the Throne lyrics, you may want to unfollow me. #WATCHTHETHRONE

@azizansari – Jay Z went through 48 bags of Bugles during the recording sessions for Watch the Throne. #WatchtheThrone #FakeBehindtheScenes

@CyhiThePyrnce – Watch the throne!!!

@ochocinco – People @kanyewest and @s_c_ album Watch the Throne is available on I-Tunes. So far its really good. Wow, when certain minds connect.

@TerrenceJ – Bumpin Watch the Throne on my way to set. It’s feeling like ’03 ll over.

@questlove – promised not to go all out with #WTT. but yo. even my trainer is like “wtf?! you here early?!” showed him my ipod. even he was like dayum.

@questlove - #WTT is the official Work Out Plan Kanye conceived back then. This is the adrenaline that will get you right in the gym. watch!

@questlove – all the “heads” lookin at me like “wtf” with the #WTT praise. sonically this album was made with serengeti in mind not your headphones

@amandadiva - #WTT: ni99as is rhymin. oowee that they definitely are

@EstelleDarlings – Listening to WTT ….

@TalibKweli – NP Lift Off, Jay, Ye, B #WTT limitless day let’s go!

@Toure – Kanye’s next sonic era will have to be minimalist and/or acoustic cuz you can’t get much more large & grandiose & luxe than MBDTF & WTT.

@AngelaSimmons - ” We going to take the moon .. Take it to the stars.” – #WTT #LoveIT

@DwyaneWade - “Watch The Throne” is my motivation 2day.. This will b the only music I listen to allday..#GottaHaveIt

@TheophilusL -