A Few Ways Reggie Bush Can Win Kim Kardashian Back Before Her Nuptials


Kim Kardashian is finally living her dream of getting married to ball player Kris Humphries, but secretly we’re all wishing Reggie Bush will heroically swoop in and reclaim his girl. Life & Style reported that the NFL running back has been trying (desperately) to reach out to the celeb personality before she walks down the aisle. Although the source claims that Kim K has “truly moved on,” we feel there’s still hope to rekindle their three-year relationship that ended last year. The nuptials are taking place this weekend (Aug 20) in sunny California, and we’ve compiled a list of things Mr. Miami must do to win back his favorite Kardashian.

  • Apologize- Reggie, tell this girl that you’re sorry for the foolish mistakes you made this year. For example, the subliminal tweets you shot at her last October? That was childish. And that arguing over the phone about a car wash bill and Miles Austin? We get it–you were mad, but you were still wrong. Start with “I’m sorry” and go from there…
  • Drop Melissa Mollinaro- She looks just like Kim Kardashian, sir. Who do you think you’re fooling? Get the real Kim K, not the knockoff.
  • Do Something Incredibly Romantic- Kim is a sucker for love (clearly!), so plan something overly romantic and she’ll be open to hearing you out. The text messages weren’t working, so go harder! You know she’s use to the finer things, so think creatively and extravagantly. As long as she feels like the only girl in the world, you’ll win.
  • Get The Family Involved- The Kardashians are good at banding together. Whether they divide and conquer or group tackle an issue, the family is the go-to for help. Persuade the head honcho Kris Jenner to help you win over her second eldest. That’s a reasonable voice Kim usually listens to.
  • Flash The Chest- You know the sight of your chiseled chocolate chest can make any girl weak, so use this to your advantage. If she sees what’s she’s missing, the possibilities are endless!
  • Think Business-Kim loves love, but she’s also about her brand. Explain to her how your brands and hers are a marketing match made in heaven. Think Tom and Giselle!

You see, Reggie, the Vixens are on your side. We like this new Kris kid, but the couple #swag built into you and Kim’s relationship is unmatched. If you want her back, make it happen! We’ve given you the very basics, so go forth and win!


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