What Is It About Those Kardashians?


I don’t like Brand Kardashian. Let me just be quite frank about that. I won’t say I don’t like Kim, Khloe or Other One because I don’t know them personally. But the empire they’ve build from fake everything, “sexy” faces and vapidness (real, pretend or somewhere in the middle irks me to no end). I can’t blame the hustlers this time around, I’m side eyeing the customers…why do people eat this stuff up?>

Kim K, who is famous for being beautiful, having a large behind and for having sex with a B-list celebrity’s C-list brother, put the icing on my Kardashian hate cake this weekend with her extravagant multi-million dollar wedding to Kris Humphries this past weekend. The nuptials capped off almost two years of tabloid speculation about when and to whom this woman who is only now thirty (ancient!) would be married. She has blown Paris Hilton’s ‘famous for being famous’ steez out of the water and had made her personality a brand. But her personality is wack as hell! At least on television, that is.

What is it about this family that has people so captivated? Why is it that people would want to see a bunch of silly sounding women whining like small children and doing mundane things such as shopping or going to the nail shop? In the words of the late great Bernie Mac (who was famous for doing things such as having a talent and performing): “Motherf*cker, for what?”

Its possible that the silliness of the Kardashian Klan provides some sort of escapism of daily life, which is packed with ups and downs and frustrations and the like. But unlike the drama packed foolywang that is Basketball Wives or the Real Housewives franchises, the Kardash girls aren’t really doing anything. And it does seem like Kim was out here gunning to snag a baller, sorry. Could she have at least learned to tap dance or blow glass or do something interesting in the meantime so we could pretend she was famous for a reason?

E! paid fifteen million dollars for the rights to the Kardashian/Humphries wedding, which will be featured in a three-hour television special. Nothing about it sounds like love or romance. Just finance and spectacle. And the American viewing public is oh-so with it. WHY?

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