What Is The Perfect Mixture Of Alcohol On A First Date?


From Hello Beautiful–I have always found that first dates come in a few varieties, depending on the alcohol that’s mixed in:

1. Awkward, stays pretty uncomfortable and uneventful, date ends in an awkward way.

2. Awkward, a few beers helps loosen things up and make it comfortable, date ends a little better.

3. Awkward, chugging mixed drinks makes things even more awkward, and date just… ends.

Everyone has had their share of first date horror stories, and alcohol seems to be a big factor that affects the turnout. Although mixing some buzz into a first date can be a risk, the pressure of the night might require some booze:

From the “met at a local restaurant that didn’t have a liquor license” first date: We had no clue that we wouldn’t be able to start the date off with a few stiff drinks. Although we were both clearly taken aback with the menu of solely sodas and juices, neither of us wanted to suggest going somewhere with alcohol and risk a bad/alcoholic first impression. We struggled through the date, asking the usual questions: Where do you work? What kinds of things do you like to do? We were both clearly interesting people, but we were also both extremely shy. Each of us could have definitely used an ice cold beer (or 3) by the time he was signing the check. Our date ended with a kiss on the cheek and “It was nice meeting you,” which was a total waste of my shaved legs and high heels.

From the “got a good wine buzz and loosened up a little” first date: It was definitely awkward while we both stood in the crowded front area of the restaurant waiting to be seated. As soon as we sat down and had a glass of wine, however, I felt a lot more comfortable about being on a blind date. We discussed the usual getting to know each other things, but I also found myself making jokes as he did the occasional “hand on my hand.” We called it a night after we finished a bottle of wine but we made plans to see each other again- I remember being satisfied with the turnout, but I definitely wished that we had hung out more after dinner.

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