What She Say? Amil: “I Got Mad Respect And Love For Nicki”


Amil has been off the scene, but VIBE’s very own @trayhova caught up with the once famous raptress to chat about a slew of things from Jay-Z and Twitter to Nicki Minaj and how she’s currently enjoying life sans the spotlight. One thing that caught our Vixen eye was her sisterly respect for the reigning rap Barbie. She says:

“I got mad respect and love for Nicki. She’s doing it really big and that’s odd for a female. It’s really hard for a female rapper… out of every female entertainer, they got it the worst. I support her because behind-the-scenes she’s going through a lot. And to be able to handle that— that’s big.”

It’s incredible that Nicki is getting respect for her position in holding down female rap. Read more of the interview with Amil at VIBE!

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