What She Say? Meeka Claxton Explains Why She’s Suing Tami Roman


Basketball wife Meeka Claxton spoke with UPTOWN about her recent altercation with Tami Roman. In the exclusive interview, she divulges the legal action she’s taking against her reality co-star, teaching Tami a lesson and donating all the proceeds she gains from the suit to charity.

Read an excerpt below:

On a recent episode of Basketball Wives, you all took a trip to Italy and there was major drama between yourself and Tami Roman. Is there still drama or have you cleared the air?

I’ll just say this – a lot was cleared up at the reunion show. So I would encourage everyone to watch. But there was much drama, and I don’t think I had the drama, it was really Tami. I wasn’t paying her any mind. And that was my intention from the beginning. I went in knowing if I was going to accept the trip offer, we obviously want to have a girls’ trip, sight see and shop and just have fun! Right then and there, I was showing that I’m the adult in the situation.

There have been rumors about a potential lawsuit – are those rumors true?

It’s not a potential lawsuit, it is a lawsuit. So yes the rumors are true.  I never respond to negativity on Twitter, but I do see a lot of people saying things like “Why are you doing this? Is it because you’re broke?” This has nothing to do with money – it’s all about the lesson. There are consequences to every action. And it may be cool for Tami to go around hitting them, but don’t touch me. I’m about my business, I don’t bother anybody.

I can’t believe that a woman could actually sit in a club – in Italy where we’re the only black women there – and perpetuate the already negative stereotypes that other people have of us. At the time, I was very upset. You can’t run around doing that. We’re not 16, 17 years old anymore. I’m not getting someone to “jump” you. I don’t do that anymore. I’m going to handle it like an adult. As mad as I wanted somebody to do something back to her, that’s not going to solve anything. She needs to learn her lesson. And if I do win the lawsuit, all the proceeds will be going to charity. It’s not about the money, it’s about teaching young women a lesson that when you do things like that, nothing good comes of it.

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