Why Can’t Black Women Do Their Own Hair Anymore?


From Hello Beautiful — When I was a young girl, I (like most Black girls) spent hours having my mane tamed by my mom, auntie or  favorite older cousin.  As we get older,  Black women place an increasingly high level of importance on keeping their hair looking just right.  But lately I’ve begun to wonder if keeping your hair fresh is that important, why can’t more women can’t do their own hair?

I have many friends that dedicate Saturday’s to sitting in the hair salon waiting for that perfect color and blowout. I have heard endless discussions on what financial sacrifices need to be made to have enough money for a new weave and have even witnessed people cancelling their social plans because they didn’t have enough money for a trip to the salon.

From the moment my mother gave me the creative control, I have always styled my own hair, which is long, textured and thick.

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