Should We Care That Beyoncé Is Pregnant?


After years and years of pregnancy rumors, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter confirmed she was pregnant during the 2011 Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, Sunday. Once she hit the red carpet in her one-shoulder Grecian ‘forgiving’ inspired gown, she began to strike various poses highlighting her baby bump, insinuating that something was finally there. However, the flaunting of ‘Baby Carter’ did not stop there. During her live-performance of “Love On Top” she exclaimed, “I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside of me.” Could Beyoncé finally be pregnant?

The 29-year-old songstress is no stranger to having suspected buns in her oven. During her three-year marriage to rapper and mogul Jay-Z, Beyoncé has battled these rumors and more. Besides the faux production of sex tapes, celebrities deal with endless pregnancy rumors and the possibility of a love child.

Although she remains under much scrutiny, Beyoncé holds her finances and family in high regards. She is rarely featured in the media because of something she has said, so in return, many times, the superfluous attacks stem from what others say about her. We are very familiar with the Knowles-Carter clan, and timing is everything, especially when you dominate the industry. With pregnancy being a very intimate topic, why would she even go to the extremes of announcing her pregnancy during an awards show?

For the majority of us – or those who would freely admit – there is a strong connection to celebrity pregnancy within pop culture and our everyday life. We care. Someone new in the media is penned as being pregnant daily. The appeal with celebrity pregnancy and motherhood has become increasing popular with networks cashing in on these stories. Emerging shows like Teen Mom, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and even the new reality series Tia & Tamera convey the importance of marriage and pregnancy being constantly discussed. Pop culture has a major influence on the way we decide to pattern our lives.

Does Beyoncé represent every woman? No. But is she a role model to many? Of course.

There is a strong connection between celebrities and pregnancy that is not always positive. Besides singer Mariah Carey, recently, women entertainers have battled issues like infidelity and conceiving children out of wedlock. Even Brandy has tried to cover her pregnancy up with an allegedly fake marriage. Let’s not forget our other beloved artists like Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Jennifer Hudson and Monica conceiving children out of wedlock. Even though we might not agree on the way Beyoncé has handled her professional matters, she is definitely handling her personal life with much integrity that should be commended.

Women entertainers have a tough social responsibility.  They must properly balance the tenacity to enter a male dominated industry with the way they are perceived. While we should not judge women by the way they conceive children, marriage does not negate the possibility of producing offspring — planned or not. Everyday we are inundated by relationship books, corporate-bought-out magazines, blogs, and casual conversations highlighting parenting dynamics and challenges households face today in society. We so are quick to holler that the traditional family structure is dying; however, when a positive example transpires like Beyoncé being pregnant with her husband, we try to quickly discredit it.

We should care about Beyoncé being pregnant. Besides praying for strong maternal genes, it is definitely refreshing to see someone in the spotlight doing things traditionally.