Why Are Women More Willing To Learn “How To Love” From Weezy?


Lil Wayne’s latest visual “How To Love” dropped today and it’s one of the most emotional, heartfelt tracks he has recorded to date. Mr. Carter is the one of the most provocative rappers and the viral release of “How To Love” is no different with it’s socially poignant message. The video depicts the pain-riddled past of a young girl and her journey into a drug-filled world of stripping and prostitution. As a result of her bad decisions, seemingly spawned form her mother’s bad choices in love, she is diagnosed with AIDS.

While the treatment for this vid is exceptional and should speak to a lot of women, is the YMCMB head really the voice that should be delivering such sobering words? Our society is pretty much designed for women to seek the approval of men, and it’s a shame to see women grasp this message most willingly from someone other than a female. Men (hello, Drake) have a way of opening up in a painfully honest way that is appreciated by and even attractive to women, but the gravitational pull toward a man’s word over a woman’s needs to stop among us. We’ll bash Beyoncé’s “Run The World” in a heartbeat and cue the awing for “Marvin’s Room.”

Stop it.

Weezy has no qualms with wining and dining a female, and he’s signed one of the top women (Nicki Minaj) in the rap game. That alone can show he has respect for women, but his lyrics often point out that women should be subservient in the bedroom and in some way inferior. Don’t get me wrong, a great Lil Wayne track is a great Lil Wayne track, but who is he to speak about the female battle with loving herself and her partner healthily? (See Also: Ludacris’ “Runaway Love”)

Have women given up on listening to other women? Who knows the stumbled path of exploring feminine sexuality and dealing with the forceful, oversexed nature of some young men better than a woman? It is refreshing that males notice the lost and bewildered state of some young women, but we have to learn how to love ourselves from the women who know exactly how (as Wayne himself points out at the end of the video). A man telling you that you’re beautiful should only be an additive onto the kind words you’ve learned to tell yourself every day.

Watch the video:


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