You Can Tell What Type of Man He Is … By The Shoes


From WWMD–I always thought this saying/ belief/ practice was stupid until about 2 years ago. Until one of my friends so kindly pointed out the supporting facts. Au contraire, there is a lot to be said about a man and his shoes.

As a good friend to you guys, it would only be right for me to dish the dirt. I did it just for you WWMD fam… Here’s what 10 other woman had to say:

When looking at his shoes, I can tell if he is…

1. “Clean. If his shoes are all scuffed up, I can see that he doesn’t take pride in how he dresses. You don’t need money to have clean shoes”

2. “A show off. Like Kanye West. does a man really need to have spikes on his shoes? haha but you can tell a lot about his style. Is he into the latest trends? The latest Jordons etc. or is he the opposite”

3. “I can tell what type of job he has. Are those dress shoes fake leather, real leather, the good quality stuff or are they all creased up? Is he wearing sneakers on a workday or boat shoes? I can tell if he works on Wall st, vs the entertainment industry vs. a retail job”

4. “Although this isn’t always true, I can’t help but revert to the old saying and excitement that I get from seeing a man with big feet (You know. The bigger the feet, the bigger the …*cough cough*)


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