The 10 Wildest Moments of Lauryn Hill’s Career

The WTF? Moment: In 2002, Lauryn told MTV that she had met someone with “an understanding of the Bible like no one else I ever met in my life.” However, some of her friends and family referred to the man—reportedly known as Brother Anthony—as a “shaman” who was altering Lauryn’s lifestyle and changing the way she thought about things a little too drastically.

Why It Was So Outrageous: We all knew there had to be a reason Lauryn was acting so differently just a few years after The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill dropped. This kind of gave us a glimpse into what was possibly causing it.

How It Turned Out: By all accounts, Lauryn continued to see this “shaman” for at least a few more years and her behavior continued to get more and more bizarre. She’s never really spoken out about his influence on her, though, so we’re not exactly sure what to believe.

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