3 Reasons Why We Approve Of Meagan Good Replacing Stacey Dash On “Single Ladies”

Yes, Vixens it’s sad but true, Stacey Dash is leaving Single Ladies for good. Rumors had been swirling for a while, but it wasn’t until Stacey herself confirmed that it became official. However, the show must and will definitely go on, but the big question everyone is asking is, who will step into ‘Val’s’ expensive shoes? Our favorite pick is none other than sexy and often underrated Meagan Good. From little girl in Eve’s Bayou to sexy kitten on BET’s The Game and in Jumping The Broom, we’ve watched Meagan grow as an actress. It’s finally her time to shine, so here are 3 reasons why we approve of Meagan Good replacing Stacey Dash on Single Ladies.

Meagan Is More Relatable
Not sure about anyone else, but as hot as Stacey Dash looked for her age, relating to her single character was kind of hard. With the majority of the show’s viewing demographic being younger than the entire cast by at least a good 10 years or more, having Meagan replace Stacey would give viewers at least one character that they could truly relate to and it might even kick the romantic drama level up a notch.