3 Reasons Why We Approve Of Meagan Good Replacing Stacey Dash On “Single Ladies”

Meagan Can Stand Up To Lisa Raye
When rumors first began to swirl about Stacey Dash’s departure from Single Ladies the main reason on everyone’s list was that Lisa Raye had a diva moment and forced Stacey out the door. Even though Lisa Raye adamantly denies the allegation, you can’t help but wonder how true the story is because let’s face it, Stacey wasn’t going to hold her own against ‘Diamond’ in a fist fight so maybe she just decided to bow out gracefully. That wouldn’t be the case with Meagan. Not only would Meagan give Lisa Raye a run for her money as resident bad girl on screen, but off screen we have a feeling that Meagan wouldn’t be bowing out or down to Lisa Raye’s diva antics and that fact alone will keep many viewers tuning in to see the two go toe to toe.