4 Reasons We’re Excited for Cynthia Bailey’s New Modeling Agency

Cynthia Bailey is best known for her role on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but before she was a housewife, Cynthia was a model traveling the globe and gracing catwalks in the latest couture designs. So, what better way to keep her model days alive than by opening her very own modeling agency, The Bailey Agency. Here are 4 reasons we’re excited for Cynthia’s new modeling agency!

Up And Coming Black Models
As a model of color in the fashion industry Cynthia definitely knows how hard it is for African American models to get the respect and shine their due. Hopefully, through The Bailey Agency, Cynthia will be able to open doors for other black models to achieve their dreams. Who knows, the next Naomi Campbell could be walking through Cynthia’s doors right now!

Fashion Galore
No model worth their weight doesn’t have contacts at some of the best fashion houses in the world. If Cynthia is as good as she claims, the designers and fashions her models will have access to will be major. We can’t wait to see who Cynthia’s agency hooks up with to lend a hand in getting her ladies to the top, and we just know Cynthia has good taste…remember her custom wedding dress?!

Real Housewives Drama
With the new season of RHOA approaching, Cynthia and her modeling school is sure to be a focus this season and you know what that means….drama! One of the other cast members is sure to get a little jealous or think Ms. Bailey is getting too big for her bridges (my bet is on NeNe) and the name calling catfights will ensue, which of course makes for entertaining television for us!

A New Reality Show
For years we’ve had to put up with Tyra Banks and her America’s Next Top Model show dominating the scene, but with The Bailey Agency up and running it might finally be Cynthia’s time to shine. With her home base in one of the country’s major entertainment scenes, Atlanta, Cynthia is in the perfect place to break away from ROHA and strike out on her own with a show about models and fashion that’s bigger and better than anything out now.