5 Reasons Why Evelyn Lozada Won’t Return To “Basketball Wives”

As if anything in the history of reality TV could come as a shocker, reality show star Evelyn Lozada claims she is calling it quits with Basketball Wives. Recently she took to Twitter to announce her exit:

“Just wanted to say that I won’t be on Twitter for a while. Going 2 possibly delete my account & I won’t be signing on 2 do anymore shows.”

If we’re being honest, Evelyn has been a pinnacle point for the show since its beginning. Her apt catch phrases, notable facial expressions and high school “Mean Girl” drama are some reasons people actually tune into the show every Monday. Even if you don’t want to admit it, you’re checking for her.

There are many reasons that might compel Evelyn to throw in the towel. From her current beef with Mo and Kita calling her a disrespectful “non-motherf—in’ factor” or just riding her 15 minutes of fame outside of the show, here are a few reasons we suspect that would drive Evelyn Lozada to quit:

Family First, Boo Boo
Perhaps Evelyn has actually decided to focus more energy on her family versus heading on VH1 sponsored excursions with her circle. With her daughter heading off to college and Chad’s sperm sitting in a freezer somewhere, family would be a great place for her to spend time. She might want to concentrate on planning a real wedding for her fiancé Chad Ochocinco. That way, she can get that ‘wifey’ status back.