5 Vixen Tips To Better Finances

3. Check your credit score.

Credit scores affect many of your major purchases. It can influence whether you are approved or denied for loans, where you live and sometimes even if you get that shiny new job you want. Checking your credit score at least twice a year will make you aware of any changes both bad and good.

4. Save, save and save some more!

Anything can happen at any given time. Having an emergency fund is what can make or break you during those hard times. Stashing 6-9 months of your overall expenses will keep you from totally going broke if struggle comes your way. Start here: Save $100 for every check. No touching, no quick withdraw, nothing! Watch your money pile up.

5. Plan Ahead

Make a plan. If you know the holiday season is coming up, start planning on how you can adjust your budget and get some great deals. The same thing goes for vacation time. Giving yourself ample opportunities to plan and schedule things will lessen the stress of your wallet.

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