50 Cent Gives A First Hand Account Of The Ray J vs. Fabolous ‘Fight’

We heard Ray J’s exaggerated side of the story and Fabolous had a chance to give his rebuttal to the epic tale but now we have a real live witness to the altercation.

Last night (Sept. 20), 50 Cent phoned into FunkMaster Flex’s radio show to clear the air on what really went down between Ray and Fabo. Fif confirms there was a short physical altercation between the two men and Ray J did swing at Fab but no real contact was made. The Queens rappers even admitted to thinking Brandy’s brother had a little “juice” in him when he approached Fabolous in an aggressive manner.

He goes on to detail how the entire incident started and ended. In reality, 50 seemed to play peacemaker in this particular face-off, an unlikely place for the rapper who lives for drama. Listen to Curtis tell his side of the story below.

50 Cent on Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex Show (9-20-11)