6 Ways to Make Him Say ‘I Love You’

You know the saying: “It’s the little things that counts.” Well, it’s true! Think about it ladies: How often do you spoil your man or just do as he asks?

Whether it’s fluffing a pillow, passing the remote or maintaining a tidy home, it can’t hurt to cater to him a little. It might even encourage him to step his game up. One of the keys to making a relationship work is keeping the element of surprise alive; have fun and be creative. These types of things are reciprocal.

Don’t wait for your guy wine and dine you or splurge a little here and there. Switch it up Vixens!

Here are five ways to show him you care:

1. Take Him to See A Movie
What guy didn’t want to see Colombiana? You’ve got to admit, Zoe Saldana is hot. Show him you’re not intimidated and plan a date to see a movie you know he’ll like! Hot chicks or action; absolutely no chick flicks (this time, at least). Without telling him, scoop him up, pay (yes, pay!), share some popcorn and enjoy the bonding.