Ali Lohan Is Down To 95-Pounds, Experts Say: Faces Plastic Surgery Rumors

Lindsay Lohan’s younger sister is taking the tabloid spotlight from the troubled actress. The up-and-coming model was recently photographed in Los Angeles looking drastically under weight and very different from past pictures.

RadarOnline spoke to an expert nutritionist on Ali Lohan’s new look.

“She is very underweight. By looking at her cheekbones you can tell she has muscle wasting going on,” Dr. Majid Ali, who has not treated Ali Lohan, exclusively told when he saw the shocking pictures of the teen.

“I’m unsure how she is losing weight but she has the look of someone who may binge and purge plus calorie restrict,” he said Dr. Ali, Editor, The Journal of Integrative Medicine; Formerly, Associate Professor of Pathology, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, NY.

“When that happens, the body looks for calories by feeding on itself. Muscle is the first to go then fats, hence the loss of bust size and the curves. At her height, I’d put her under 100lbs, maybe 95ish, and that’s way, way too thin.”

“Additionally if you look at her eyes, it is the empty look of someone nutritionally undeserved, not enough proteins, fats, carbs and their vitamins and minerals to give her a healthy look.”

“She looks like she’s been injected. It would be a quick and easy procedure to do especially if she wants to enhance her features as a new model.”

Lindsay and her father both personally shot down rumors of Ali having surgery.

“It’s scary to see my daughter looking like this,” he exclusively told “Ali was always on the thin side, but seeing how much weight she’s lost there appears to be a drastic change that concerns me.”

She is currently signed to NEXT Model Management, who also deny all rumors.