Amber Rose Responds To Twitter Backlash During Her Trip To Ghana

No matter what Amber Rose seems to do, it doesn’t look like she’ll ever be able to escape an online side-eye. This week Wiz Khalifa’s wifey-in-training took a break from all the flashing lights to host Ghana’s annual Vodaphone 020 Live concert. During her time there Amber made sure to visit poor villages and speak with school girls about the importance of education and good decision making.

Very socially responsible her, right? However, after posting pictures of herself posed in the more destitute areas of Ghana, tweeps lashed out on her questioning why she hadn’t shown flicks of more affluent sectors. The buzzed beauty who was once homeless, explained that she didn’t feel the need to highlight the wealthy.

“I saw that a lot of people on twitter said ‘don’t just show the poverty, show the rich people.’ But for me, the rich people aren’t doing anything for the little kids and the people that are living in poverty so I don’t want to hang out with the rich people,” she tweeted. “I wanted to see the kids in poverty. I grew up very poor. So I wanted to go see them, help them,talk to them and inspire them to let them know they could possibly be somebody great.” 

Say what you want about her nude photos, but Amber made a great point about wanting to showcase the unfinished work we still have to do in Africa’s countries. Go ‘head Mrs. Khalifa.