American Grown Terror Plot Against Washington, DC Thwarted By FBI

A Massachusetts man was busted Wednesday for plotting to blow up the Pentagon and the US Capitol with homemade drones, officials said.

According to the The New York Daily News, 26-year-old Rezwan Ferdaus planned to fill two remote-controlled model airplanes with C-4 explosives and hand grenades and direct them into the Washington buildings, said US Attorney Carmen Ortiz.

Ferdaus purchased the model airplanes using the name of former Yankee great Dave Winfield. He was arrested Wednesday morning after he obtained 25-pounds of C-4 explosives, three grenades and six automatic AK-47 assault rifles from FBI agents posing as Al Qaeda operatives.

The Feds confirmed that Ferdaus had been planning this attack for a while and that he was under surveillance since March.

The Northeastern University physics grad, an American citizen, had vowed to commit violent “jihad” against the United States as far back as early 2010. If convicted he faces up to 15 years in prison.

OK, so, let’s do the math. If he does go to jail and gets out in 15 years, then he’ll be about 41 or 42 (depending on when his birthday is). Um…that’s still a perfectly decent age to be up to no good upon release.