America’s Next Top Model Recap – Not Isis! Nooooo!

Isis King warned us in last week’s episode that this competition wasn’t safe for any of the all stars but she also promised that this time around she would win it. And…we’re sorry to say that she got the boot last night (tear drop).

Does the rest of the episode really even matter? Ok, to be fair, we know that not everyone is an Isis fan. We all have our favorites and Isis was hours, probably because she was the under dog in a sense. She has proven that she’s a fierce model but the fact that she represents the LBGT community adds more struggle to her story (and we love it). Sigh…

Anyway, before the eliminations, the contestants got a visit from Kristin Cavallari, who reminded them that they are always going to have haters and that they have to learn how to deal with it in a professional manner. Then, like clockwork, the ladies headed to The Grove to get interviewed by Extra’s Mario Lopez to test their congeniality skills. They didn’t really get any tough questions so other than staring at Lopez’s dimples, that part was kind of blah.

However, the photoshoot was pretty cool. The catwalk divas had to model on stilts. Imagine trying not to bust your butt and looking fierce at the same time! That’s what did Isis in. They didn’t think she brought her usual spunk to the shoot, which resulted in a lackluster picture, so it was a wrap.

We know this isn’t the end of Miss King’s career but her untimely departure still sucks. See you next week.