Are Flashy Designer Logos In for Men or Out?

Gucci this and Louis V that……men can be quite fashion obsessed as well. It isn’t just women who dominate the industry and your favorite celebrities, rappers and friends probably care just as much about what they wear and how they dress as you do. How do you think they know the price of your footwear or the designer jacket you’re wearing? They’re keeping up with the trends as well.

Pharrell has always been someone to admire in the worlds of fashion and music. He has an eccentric style that allows him to stand out and he really invests in luxury from buying oversized Hermes travel bags on a whim to fronting his own label, Billionaire Boys Club. Pharrell surely does not dress down and he was seen rocking some pretty flashy boots at Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2012 show at New York Fashion Week.

The boots are adorned with oversized Chanel logos: a sight usually reserved for Upper East Side ladies who lunch. Naturally, he kept the rest of his ensemble simple with a white tee, olive cardigan and worn-in jeans, but who really cared about what else he was wearing when all anyone could focus on were those boots?

So are flashy designer logos for men in or out? Do you prefer your man to wear designer as he pleases, but keep it simple and understated? Or are men allowed to partake in the joys of luxury shopping just as we are, with logos and prints galore?