Are You Fronting About Your Happy, Single Life?

I hear so many women brag about the single life, embracing their freedom and taking full advantage of their newfound options. Nothing’s wrong with dating around or focusing on school and work; sometimes women need that “me” time. So what’s the problem, you ask?

Well, think about all the times you had to say something out loud just to believe it. It happens to the best of us, used as a coping method. We ignore the truth by telling ourselves and others otherwise, when deep down inside we yearn for that which is denied.

How many times have you said, “I’m over it,” “N*ggas ain’t sh*t,” or “Single and loving it”?

Please. Companionship is almost always sought out for. There’s nothing like having that one person to send random texts to, cuddle up with, tell your secrets to without judgement, rely on and love deeply. For that reason, I’m beginning to wonder why some women feel the need to justify their single life if they’re single by choice. Could it just be a front?

Often times single ladies walk around with this mental list of the “perfect man”; we want him to be tall, dark, athletic, rich, poetic, easy on the eyes, a size 12 shoe… STOP! That’s not a realistic approach. And while these lists are created in actuality because women do need men, for self-assurance, some overtly make excuses for their solo status and slander male existence; that’s a complete turn off.

Before entering a talking-phase or relationship, we have to reevaluate ourselves and think about what we’re looking for in a man. This does not mean create a blueprint of the type of man you want, and I am not suggesting women settle. This simply means, if you’re a businesswoman and a dopeboy’s trying to holla at you, keep it moving–obviously!

When you say you don’t need a man, guys believe it. They are hip to “lists” too. As nonchalant as men are, they’ll consider your list, compare it to your attitude and will keep it moving without hesitation. Sometimes a woman’s fears can turn her personality unattractive. Such high expectations make you undateable.

Are single women who constantly defend their status really content, or is it just a front? Share your thoughts.

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