Beauty 411: Vixen’s Ultimate Guide to The Perfect Bra

You’ve read it in magazines; you’ve heard it on the news, and Oprah’s done countless segments on it.

The Perfect Bra. The bra is the base of all feminine clothing; and besides underwear, it’s the first article of clothing we slip into each day. However, studies show most women are lifting, separating and snapping themselves into the wrong size. B’s who really wear C’s, DD’s who really wear C’s, and D’s who really wear G’s walk around unaware of the enhancements available to them. Some even contemplate spending thousands on breast reduction surgery instead of going to a store for a professional fitting. Why is that, Vixens?

As women of authority and power, the perfect bra is must! Spillage, sagging and the infamous uni-boob are a definite no-no. The right size bra is also known to help women exude confidence and sensuality, especially when it comes to dating. (Perfect for cuffing season right, ladies?)

Treat yourself! Whether you’re an A-cup or even a K-cup, the perfect bra is out there for you! Check out Vixen’s Ultimate Guide to The Perfect Bra, featuring stores, collections, fashion-forward designs, prices and more. Don’t hesitate; make the investment. Your body will thank you.

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