Beauty 411: Vixen’s Ultimate Guide to The Perfect Bra

If You’re In the C Range…

You’re about the average size and have a nice amount to work with. You should be looking for an all purpose bra that gives you full coverage.

Padding for you is optional as well, but will give you a boost to a D-cup. A Demi push-up cut is perfect for your size and will lift, separate and accentuate your cleavage, without fearing possible spillage. If you’re a curvy Vixen, a Demi will especially draw attention to your curves.

Take a look at your choices below:

Best Store: Victoria’s Secret or Nordstrom

Best Bra: The Showstopper (Victoria’s Secret) or DKNY Sensual Curves (Nordstrom)

Expected Price Range: ($40- $52)

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