Beauty Tips: Wash Your Makeup Brushes

From Glam Fetish Mag–Good quality makeup brushes are definitely an investment and who likes to ruin an investment? I certainly don’t. Lets take a minute to go over how to protect those precious brushes.

Daily makeup application is essential for most women; and to think what can collect in your makeup brushes everyday is pretty scary. Not only does the obvious old makeup stay in your brushes, but particles like dirt and debris, bacteria, and dead skin cells can collect in your brushes if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. These particles stand in the way of flawless application, and they can cause skin problems such as acne or other bacterial infections.

When washing your brushes use a gentle antibacterial formula. Bare Minerals makes a great brush shampoo called “Well Cared For” that costs around $14. If that is too pricey try using a baby shampoo.

Wash the brushes with the bristles pointing downwards under the stream of water. This prevents water from getting in the ferrule (metal part of the brush) which can loosen your bristles and cause your brush to fall apart. Be very gentle so that the bristles do not end up tangled and matted.

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