Beyoncé Wears Lanvin Gown For Macy’s “Pulse” Launch

Continuing the promotion of her new fragrance Pulse, Beyoncé hit Macy’s last night for an in-store launch. In a floor-sweeping, white Lanvin gown, which wasn’t particularly flattering, the 4 singer addressed her for one-on-one time with fans. She tells AP, “I always get excited when I do the meet-and-greets because I get to really shake hands and look people in the eye and really see the impact that I have been able to have in people’s lives, because sometimes you don’t really get to see it.”

Incredibly, she has made an unmeasurable impact on her fans. Bey stans around the globe are invested in her marriage, her pregnancy and, soon, her new new feminine scent.


Check out more pictures from the event below…