Bow Wow’s Underrated EPK: Getting Reacquainted With His Father and The Evolution of Shad Moss

In the first few seconds this video looks as though it will be a satirical and reminiscent video re-cap of Bow Wow’s journey from being an eleven year old rapper to himself today as a brand and mogul. However, after the initial 35-seconds of cute little Lil Bow Wow comedy–the tone turns to sobering and real.

Bow Wow talks about his album Underrated in which ” pain, emotion, struggle, life” are the muses. During the making of this album Bow Wow spoke to his father for the first time, and he wants his listeners to feel his struggle as not the successful Bow Wow that we know today, but the Shad Moss that came from a broken family.

He wants us to recognize his lyrical content primarily, however he wants us to feel his heart and his soul. Bow Wow tells us that he changed, and part of that reason is the birth of his child and an added sense of responsibility.

Bow Wow also speaks on his fans- who have catapulted him into his success. This album features collaborations with hip hop heavy weights such as Wayne, Fab and Bonez.  The album’s first single features Lil Wayne and Bow Wow describes it in one word “huge”. – Jodie Taylor