The Breakfast Club Grills Mistah F.A.B About V-Nasty Using The N-Word and Not Getting Played In Oakland

Our antagonistic pals at Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club have grilled up everyone from Mindless Behavior to Ray J and last month’s VIBE cover girl Kelly Rowland. In their most recent interview, the tripled-headed team got up on Oakland, CA rapper Mistah F.A.B about a variety of talking points from the ever-evolving Oakland hip-hop scene, to the controversial Kreayshawn and her even more controversial crony, V-Nasty, who has no qualms with a being a n-word-slinging white girl. But the convo didn’t stop there, DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne also got Fab to speak on his low presence on hometown airwaves. Peep his thoughts on all this and more in the video below.