Bruce Leroy’s Little Brother Shot Twice In Harlem Gun Attack

Leo O’Brien, the actor who played Bruce Leroy’s little brother 1985’s The Last Dragon, was rushed to a hospital yesterday after being shot twice in broad daylight, according to TMZ.

The incident occurred yesterday at 11:50AM, when a gunman opened fire on the 40-year-old actor, striking him once in the stomach and once in the left arm. Witnesses called 911 and after O’Brien was transported to a nearby hospital, police arrested a 50-year-old male suspected for pulling the trigger. The suspect was booked for attempted murder and criminal possession of a firearm.

TMZ also spoke with O’Brien who says he recognized the shooter but does not know why the man would shoot him.

O’Brien seems to be channeling the glow (couldn’t resist) and taking it like a tough guy. “In life, sometimes sh*t happens … but I’m alright and doing better,” he remarked.