Can Kandi Burruss Carry Her Own Show?

Today news hit the net that former Xscape member and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss would be getting her own show on the Bravo network appropriately titled “The Kandi Factory.” On the show Kandi will give two protégés the opportunity to come to Atlanta and learn the fundamentals of pop music success. Then Kandi and her team of experts will work with the two contestants in order to turn them into music superstars. Sounds like a familiar, yet interesting premise right? Could be, but is giving Kandi her own show a good idea.

For as long as we’ve “known” Kandi she’s been a part of something. When we first met she was a member of the 90s girl group Xscape and wasn’t the stand out in the group back then. After the group disbanded her solo music career went, well…nowhere. Kandi did excel at song writing and producing, a career that kept her in the background, that is until RHOA came calling with a spot for Kandi amongst a cast of ladies who are, to quote Tamar Braxton, a

However, even on RHOA, Kandi wasn’t the breakout star and despite her past fame, she wasn’t even the most popular or interesting cast member. Kandi’s success always seems to come from playing a supporting role or being in the background altogether, we have yet to see her carry something major on her own.

That’s not to say that “The Kandi Factory” can’t be a reality tv smash. Often the people in the background are the ones with the real star quality and Kandi is obviously talented and definitely comes off as personable on screen. Maybe Bravo giving her this opportunity will finally give Kandi the chance she needs to step out into the forefront and grab the spotlight that she’s always deserved. The question is will we all be tuning in to watch when she does.