Can MJB and Keyshia Cole Reach The Same Success Singing Happiness?

Keyshia Cole & Mary J. Blige

Music has the incredible ability to speak to our hearts and innermost desires, especially those of the broken heart persuasion. And, I can admit I live for a sassy, roll your neck, boy-what-were-you-thinking song.So what happens when the two biggest musical stars on the planet, famous for their achy-breaky heart anthems, trade their tear-stained faces for wedding bells and babies?

Let’s explore.

In the early 90’s and mid-2000’s (depending on when you were born), the Queen of Hip Hop Soul sauntered her way into our lives with gut-wrenching tales of men who did her wrong. And, like almost every woman that’s ever heard a MJB record, you could identify immensely. While there were some fun, upbeat songs sprinkled in her catalog (think “No More Drama“), no one did woe-is-me better than Mary.

Years later, we were introduced to Oakland, CA songstress Keyshia Cole. With the same repertoire of deeply scorned songs as Mary, Keyshia evoked the same emotion. And because heartbreak never goes out of style, we saluted Ms. Cole and sung our hearts out to ballads like “I Remember” and “Love.”

Now, both are married, and their records have changed quite a bit. But, even before they both tied the knot, something was different. Instead of the painful, drama-laden songs we grew to love, cute and playful records dominated the albums and gone were the dark and dreary videos. Choreographed versions of our two favorite singers frolicking on the beach now dominate our television screens.

Will these new, happy songs be embraced by the same hurt and scarred audience that propelled the two to stardom? Can Keyshia Cole and Mary J. Blige reach the same success singing happiness?

We hope so.