Christian Louboutin: “Swizz [Beatz] Is A Great Soul”

Swizz Beatz may have Christina Elizabeth nipping at his heels, but revered designer Christian Louboutin believes the super producer has a great soul. Swizz and Mr. Red Bottoms collaborated to design luxury men’s sneakers and jackets becoming close friends in the process. CL tells Haute Living:

“Swizz is a great soul. The wonderful thing to collaborate with someone like him is that you have no sense of boredom, no sense of exhaustion. It’s all great energy mixed with fun ideas. To translate words, situations and images into music is a fantastic gift. It’s great to share common sense about beauty and aesthetics in general with your friends. With Beatz it’s always showtime, being around him would put anyone in the best mood.”

Kind words from a decent man.


Flip the pages to see the studded goods the two men came up with…