Christina Milian Says Marriage and More Children Could Be In Her Future

Saying hi to thirty was no big thing for Christina Milian. The single mother is optimistic about the next phase of her life. She recently told BET that her hopes to settle down again still linger in the back of her mind.

“I do! I want to have more kids someday and I think I’ll get married again,” Milian said on getting hitched again. “I’m going to take my time though this time. It won’t be engaged in a month and married over night. But, who’s to say! You never know. I never thought at one time that I would’ve gotten married before and had a child, so you never know what the future will bring.”

The singer even offered some fashion tips for expecting moms.

“I found out that H&M has a maternity area, The Gap has a maternity area and they have really cute clothes which is really difficult to find when you’re pregnant,” she continued. “I kind of wore the same thing over and over again. I had one pair of jeans from Target that I wore. Speaking of Target, when I was breastfeeding I found the most amazing bra at Target that made it easier to breast feed my daughter. Unfortunately you can never find it because every woman buys it immediately, but it’s the best gift you can give an expecting mom.

Milian is currently working on a new sitcom, Made In Miami.